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Anka Jewelry

Handmade jewelry with semi-precious stones.


Anka Jewelry is a brand of handmade jewelry, complemented by selected semi-precious stones. Antonija is a Croatian designer, who lives and creates in Croatia. The jewelry is handmade in Thailand.

Antonija dedicated the brand to her mother. Like any mother who cares for her child, she wanted to provide this feeling in the form of jewelry. Therefore, all the jewelry includes raw semi-precious stones, which are known for their healing powers and an incredible amount of wisdom that comes from the experience of many transformations over the years. Like mothers, the primary purpose of a semi-precious stone is to guide us to our highest potential. There are hundreds of different stones and each has its own unique vibration and healing effects on the mind, body and spirit. Antonija says that you just need to relax and listen to your body. The color that calls to you is the right one for you.

Anka jewelry is unpolished in every way. Due to the beauty of raw finishes and the unique shape of uncut stones, the jewelry is unique, natural and very feminine. Raw stones retain their natural shape and color, and all jewelry pieces are plated with precious metals (14k gold and rose gold). Each piece has been specially crafted to be a unique piece of jewelry.

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