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JUS prints

Icons that take us back to the time of Yugoslavia

JUS stands for Yugoslav quality standard. It is a tribute to the design achievements of the technical and cultural heritage of socialist Yugoslavia. The collection of retro-nostalgic prints is the work of Slovenian designers.

The authors of the entire idea and JUS illustrations are Darko and Marko Miladinović. The Miladinović brothers, who have been working in visual communications, design, and creating new brands for more than 25 years, combined their knowledge and love for retro design solutions from the time of socialist Yugoslavia in the JUS project. Their passion for design and retro-chic culture is inspiring.

In the JUS prints collection, we can find iconic pieces such as the Pony bike, Tomos 4, Iskra’s clock, which hang in offices, corridors, and school classrooms, the legendary Borovo shoes Borosana, Rog bike, the iconic Yugo car, Zastava 750 and Rex’s chair and many others.

The JUS project revives the memory of the icons that used to accompany us every step of the way.

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