Anka Jewelry ring – Pearl & Fluorite


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  • Product details
  • - material: brass plated with rose gold
    - stone: freshwater pearl and fluorite
    - adjustable size
  • Jewelry Care
  • Ways to store your jewelry
    Jewelry should be stored away from direct sunlight and damp areas. Store it in Anka’s jewelry box that comes with every piece.
    Wearing with care
    Never wear jewelry when doing any manual work such as housekeeping or exercise. Always put your jewelry on last so that clothes don’t catch on it. Apply perfume/lotion first so they don’t contaminate your jewelry. Avoid water (washing the dishes, swimming…), but if your jewelry does come into contact with water, use a dry soft tissue to gently pat it dry.
    Cleaning your jewelry
    Remember to clean it with a soft cloth or mircofibre cloth after a day out before storing it in an Anka jewelry box.
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Anka Jewelry ring – Pearl & Fluorite

A beautifully shaped rose gold plated ring with Fluorite and Pearl, semi-precious stones with big meaning.

Anka Jewelry ring – Pearl & Fluorite has two stones. Fluorite is a beautiful stone of enchanting color. Wearing this stone raises energy and brings peace to the body and organism.  Pearl is one of the oldest semi-precious stones. It strengthens the mental faculties of the wearer and gives perfect balance to the rational senses. It calms our emotions, strengthens mental peace, and develops the power of concentration.

Each piece of Anka’s jewelry is handmade and inspired by nature, real beauty, and the uniqueness that every woman holds. Anka’s jewelry is unique, just like you!


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About Anka Jewelry

Founded in 2019, Anka Jewelry is a uniquely designed brand of handcrafted jewelry using raw semi-precious stones. The jewelry is 100% handmade in the beautiful, mystical land of Thailand.

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