Coffeemama – Decaf Coffee with Vitamins


The packaging and instructions are in the Slovenian language.

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  • Product details
  • - 100% Arabica
    - without caffeine
    - 150 grams
    - enriched with vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6, B9) for an additional "boost"
    - freshly roasted in a micro roastery in Slovenia
    - coffee beans are decaffeinated using a special 'Swiss water' method and is safe and environmentally friendly
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Coffeemama – Decaf Coffee with Vitamins

The perfect coffee substitute for anyone avoiding caffeine.

There is nothing better than starting the day with a cup of fragrant coffee. Coffeemama – Decaf Coffee with Vitamins is an excellent choice for anyone who avoids caffeine. So full of flavor that you’ll hardly believe it’s decaffeinated! Missing the taste of coffee but trying to avoid caffeine? Enjoy the aromatic taste of caffeine-free coffee with added vitamins.

The packaging contains 150g of freshly ground coffee. For accurate measurement, use the Coffeemama measuring spoon. Holds exactly 8 grams of ground coffee.



All Coffeemama products are made for mums, pregnant women, babies, and anyone avoiding their caffeine intake.

  • 100% Arabica
  • No caffeine
  • Enriched with vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6, B9) for an additional “boost”
  • Freshly roasted in a micro roastery in Slovenia.

Coffee beans are decaffeinated using a special Swiss water method, which is safe and environmentally friendly, as no chemicals are used in the process.

COFFEEMAMA is a Slovenian product. Well, except for coffee. They go in search of coffee in Central and South America.


Characteristics of coffee

BEANS: 100% Arabica
NOTES: hazelnut, almonds, roasted grains
PREPARATION METHODS: dzhezva, ‘French press’, cafeteria/flour
GRIND: Medium
ORIGIN: Central and South America

A superb mixture with a pleasant sweet aroma of hazelnuts and almonds and the aftertaste is complemented by the taste of roasted cereals.



Decaffeinated coffee is not completely decaffeinated. During decaffeination, some caffeine remains in the coffee, but it is negligible. The decaffeination process removes almost all of the caffeine from coffee. According to international standards, 97% of caffeine must be removed from coffee, and according to EU standards as much as 99.9%.

There are 3 different decaffeination methods and we use the natural chemical-free ‘Swiss water’ method.


How to make a cup of decaffeinated coffee


Pour 150 ml of water into the djezva. You add 8 grams of coffee, mix well and wait until the coffee starts to rise. Just a few seconds before it boils, you put it down and let the coffee sit for a while. And voila! A delicious cup of coffee is ready.

For accurate measurement, use the Coffeemama measuring spoon. Holds exactly 8 grams of ground coffee.


Vitamins in coffee


In vitamin coffees, vitamin C plays a key role in aiding postpartum recovery. Here we have listed some concrete benefits:

– Tissue healing and repair: Vitamin C is key to tissue healing and repair, supports recovery after childbirth, and helps heal tears or cuts during childbirth.

– Strengthening the immune system: The period after childbirth is sensitive for the immune system. Vitamin C strengthens the immune response, helping new mothers to recover and reduce the risk of infection.

– Reduces fatigue and increases energy: Vitamin C helps reduce fatigue and provides an energy boost, helping new moms cope with the physical and emotional demands of the postpartum period.

– Hormone balancing: Vitamin C supports hormone balancing, helping to regulate mood and emotional well-being during this critical period.

– Collagen production for body recovery: Vitamin C is key to collagen synthesis, which helps in the recovery and repair of stretched and strained connective tissues, skin and muscles after childbirth.



Vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B6, B9) offers a range of benefits to support new mothers in the postpartum period:

– Energy Metabolism: Helps with energy metabolism, which helps new moms maintain energy levels during the challenging postpartum period.

– Hormone regulation: B vitamins help regulate hormones, contribute to mood stability and general emotional well-being during the postpartum period.

– Tissue repair: supports tissue repair and regeneration, which is crucial for healing after childbirth and correcting any tissue or muscle problems after childbirth.

– Iron absorption (B6): Vitamin B6 helps iron absorption, supports mothers in replenishing iron stores after childbirth and reduces the risk of postpartum anemia.

– Nervous system health (B1, B6): B vitamins support nervous system health, contributing to clear thinking and cognitive function during the postpartum period.



vitamin C 1187 mg

vitamin B1 12.5 mg

vitamin B2 12.5 mg

vitamin B6 17.5 mg

vitamin B9 3750 µg