Coffeemama – Half Caff Coffee with Vitamins


The packaging and instructions are in the Slovenian language.

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  • Product details
  • - the mixture consists of 50% decaffeinated coffee and 50% caffeinated coffee
    - 150 grams
    - enriched with vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6, B9) for an additional "boost"
    - half less caffeine than in a regular cup of coffee
    - freshly roasted in a micro roastery in Slovenia
    - coffee beans are decaffeinated using a special 'Swiss water' method and is safe and environmentally friendly
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Coffeemama – Half Caff Coffee with Vitamins

The perfect coffee substitute for anyone avoiding caffeine.

There is nothing better than starting the day with a cup of fragrant coffee. Coffeemama – Half Caff Coffee with Vitamins is an excellent choice for anyone who is careful about the amount of caffeine they consume. Half the caffeine, twice the taste. Half-caffeine coffee, or ‘half caff’, as they say across the pond, is coffee with less caffeine. It is a mixture of real and decaffeinated coffee in a ratio of 50:50. Upgrade your morning routine with a cup of vitamin caffeine bomb.

The packaging contains 150g of freshly ground coffee. For accurate measurement, use the Coffeemama measuring spoon. Holds exactly 8 grams of ground coffee.



All Coffeemama products are made for mums, pregnant women, babies, and anyone avoiding their caffeine intake.

  • The blend consists of 50% decaffeinated coffee and 50% real.
  • Half as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.
  • Enriched with vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6, B9) for an additional “boost”
  • Freshly roasted in a micro roastery in Slovenia.
  • The coffee beans are decaffeinated using a special ‘Swiss water’ method and are safe and environmentally friendly.

The semi-caffeinated coffee blend offers all the benefits of coffee but with half the caffeine in each cup.

COFFEEMAMA is a Slovenian product. Well, except for coffee. We go to Central and South America to look for coffee.



Characteristics of coffee

BEANS: Arabica, Robusta
NOTES: chocolate, hazelnut, almonds, cocoa and marzipan, roasted cereals
PREPARATION METHODS: dzhezva, ‘French press’, cafeteria/flour
GRIND: Medium
ORIGIN: Central and South America

A beautifully balanced blend of caffeinated and decaffeinated beans. We use the best Arabica beans, and we complement the taste and creaminess with premium Robusta.


How to make a cup of decaffeinated coffee


Pour 150 ml of water into the dzezva. You add 8 grams of coffee, mix well, and wait until the coffee starts to rise. Just a few seconds before it boils, you put it down and let the coffee sit for a while. And voila! A delicious cup of coffee is ready.


Vitamins in coffee


In vitamin coffees, vitamin C plays a key role in aiding postpartum recovery. Here we have listed some concrete benefits:

– Tissue healing and repair: Vitamin C is key to tissue healing and repair, supports recovery after childbirth, and helps heal tears or cuts during childbirth.

– Strengthening the immune system: The period after childbirth is sensitive for the immune system. Vitamin C strengthens the immune response, helping new mothers to recover and reduce the risk of infection.

– Reduces fatigue and increases energy: Vitamin C helps reduce fatigue and provides an energy boost, helping new moms cope with the physical and emotional demands of the postpartum period.

– Hormone balancing: Vitamin C supports hormone balancing, helping to regulate mood and emotional well-being during this critical period.

– Collagen production for body recovery: Vitamin C is key to collagen synthesis, which helps in the recovery and repair of stretched and strained connective tissues, skin and muscles after childbirth.



Vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B6, B9) offers a range of benefits to support new mothers in the postpartum period:

– Energy Metabolism: Helps with energy metabolism, which helps new moms maintain energy levels during the challenging postpartum period.

– Hormone regulation: B vitamins help regulate hormones, contribute to mood stability and general emotional well-being during the postpartum period.

– Tissue repair: supports tissue repair and regeneration, which is crucial for healing after childbirth and correcting any tissue or muscle problems after childbirth.

– Iron absorption (B6): Vitamin B6 helps iron absorption, supports mothers in replenishing iron stores after childbirth and reduces the risk of postpartum anemia.

– Nervous system health (B1, B6): B vitamins support nervous system health, contributing to clear thinking and cognitive function during the postpartum period.



vitamin C 1187 mg

vitamin B1 12.5 mg

vitamin B2 12.5 mg

vitamin B6 17.5 mg

vitamin B9 3750 µg