Coupling Cards The Game – Me & You


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  • - mini game for 2 in English language
    - 35 playing cards, more than 150 combinations of questions and challenges
    - box size 12.5 x 9.5 cm
    - the possibility of expansion with the base game Coupling the game
    - the product is the work of the Slovenian creative team Opera Games
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Coupling Cards The Game – Me & You

Mini card game for two

Coupling Cards The Game – Me & You is a fun card game. The perfect gift for couples that provides an adventure of memories, experiences, surprising conversations, and original challenges. The goal of the game is to enjoy an evening of getting to know each other. The game contains more than 150 combinations of questions and challenges. And don’t forget, it’s all just a game 😊.

Coupling the game is the work of a Slovenian creative team that achieved tremendous success on Kickstarter.

The game contains 35 cards that you can combine in more than 150 fun combinations. Instructions are included, and everything is packaged in a fun cardboard box. The game is in English.

The goal of the game: The main goal of the game is to have fun, get to know each other, and encourage new conversations. Of course, the goal is also to complete as many challenges as possible, which are written on the cards, but if the debate develops in its own direction, the cards have also achieved their purpose.


Interpretation of playing cards

Card Description: The set contains yellow, blue, and pink cards. Yellow cards “COUP + LING” form together a whole. Draw 2 yellow cards. Each forms part of a question – when you put them together you get a question that you secretly answer to yourself.

Blue challenge cards include pantomime and sounds, geometric figures and lines, lip reading, and recipes. With “pantomime” you describe a given word or phrase using facial expressions, hands, and acting. You can also use sound. In the “geometric characters” challenges, you have to explain to your teammate how to draw the chosen password using only geometric characters, lines, and curves. For the “lip reading” card, read the topic of the card aloud. The teammate should cover his ears with his hands, and you should say the given password quietly and clearly. With “recipe” cards, you have to explain the recipe from procurement to preparation, and your teammate has to figure out the dish.

Pink conversation cards are cards that can also be seen by a teammate. They are divided into 4 segments: questions, psychological inkblots, choose one answer, and a drawing. With the “question” cards, you determine the question by having your teammate say a random number up to 6. They can try to answer twice, and you secretly write your answer on the sheet. The “psychological inkblots” card has a picture of a pack, and the partner has to figure out what you see in this picture (secretly write your answer on the sheet).

With “choose one answer” cards, write your answer secretly on a piece of paper, and your teammate has only 1 chance to determine the answer. For the “drawing” card, determine the password by having a teammate say a random number from 1 to 6. Draw a thing or an association with the given word. The teammate should also draw a picture, which should be as similar as possible to the one drawn by the person who drew the card.


Game description

Preparation: sort the cards by color into 5 piles (shuffle each pile). Remove cards from each pile according to this key: pile yellow “COUP” -1, pile yellow “LING” -1, blue -4, pink -5, drinkling -2. You play the game with a total of 22 cards.

Game Rules: The game is cooperative and not competitive. Prepare your sheet of paper and pen. The game is played in 3 stages. Play each phase until you run out of cards for that phase. When you reach the end of each phase, draw the “drinkling” card (you will do this 3x). Write down each completed challenge on a piece of paper so that at the end of the game you can check how well you did. Place the cards whose challenges you have already completed in a separate pile. The mini-rules are also written at the bottom of each card. You both take turns, and the one who initiated your first date, starts. The game is over when all the cards are gone.


The course of the game

  1. FIRST PHASE: The initiator draws 2 yellow COUP + LING cards. Together, the two cards form one question that you read aloud. The person who reads the question aloud writes his answer on a piece of paper but does not say the answer. The second person has two chances to figure out the correct answer. Of course, you can also offer a hint in the second attempt. Then it’s the other person’s turn. When you run out of cards, draw one DRINKLING card and make a challenge. This completes the first phase.
  2. SECOND PHASE: Whoever’s turn draws one blue challenge card and doesn’t show it to the other. Read aloud the name of the game and the theme, if given. The other says a random number from 1 to 6. You have 2 minutes to solve the challenge. After completing the second phase, draw the DRINKLING card.
  3. PHASE THREE: The one who has his turn draws one pink card. The rules are the same as in the first phase, except that for ABCDE-type questions, the second person can guess only 1x. Whenever there are multiple options/questions on the card, choose just one by saying a random number up to 6 (you can also use a dice). When you run out of cards, it’s game over. Pull the last DRINKLIG, complete the challenge, and check your achievement 😊.


Good to know

You can also play the game in your way. You must laugh together, have fun, and build an even stronger bond! The game can be supplemented with the basic game Coupling The Game. Take your relationship to a whole other level. Friends can also join you! You can find the base game here.