Game – Avocado Smash


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  • - the set contains 70 playing cards and instructions
    - package dimensions: 13 x 9 cm
    - suitable for ages 6+
    - suitable for 2 or more players
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Game – Avocado Smash

A game, where the winner is determined by speed and good concentration.

Avocado Smash card game is a fun game where speed determines the winner. The more players that play this game, the merrier it gets. The rules of the game are simple but are hard to follow due to the sheer speed of the game. If speed and focus are your virtues, then the title of Avocado Smash Champion will surely be yours to claim.

It is time to let your neighbors know that you will have a temper night.


Game instructions

  • Shuffle the cards and deal them among the players. All players must have the same number of cards in their hands.
  • A person who loves avocados the most begins the game. The first player places a card in the middle of the table and says “one avocado”, followed by the second who says “two avocados” and so on until 15 when you start counting again.
  • If the number said by the player matches the number on the card, it’s time to SMASH – all players place their hands in the middle of the table as quickly as possible. The last player loses this round and must collect all the cards that are in the middle of the table.
  • If two players place a card with the same number on the central pile of cards – a SMASH follows! The last “smasher” must take all the cards that are in the middle of the table.
  • The game also contains 3 surprise cards. A “change direction” card that reverses the direction of the game. A “SMASH” card where all players must place their palms on the central playing pile as quickly as possible. For anyone who does this, they collect all cards from the center pile as a penalty. The third special card is “GUACAMOLE” in which all players must shout “guacamole” and those who do this, collect all the cards from the center pile as a penalty.


For detailed instructions and gameplay in the case of special cards, watch the video below:


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