Game – Marvel Trivia


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  • - the game contains 140 cards, instructions
    - suitable for players older than 12 years
    - package size: 14 x 10 x 5 cm
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Game – Marvel Trivia

Think you’re the biggest, all-knowing Marvel fan?

Test your knowledge of Marvel movies. The game – Marvel Trivia contains 140 questions and answers, offering you a fun evening with family or friends at Marvel University. The quiz will offer a wide variety of questions that will challenge even the most dedicated fan. Compete with your friends. Just who will be crowned Marvel’s omniscient champion? A great gift for any Marvel fan!

Example question:

What does Drax think that Mantis’s antenna are for?

  • Lighting up dark spaces
  • Balance sheets
  • Feeling Doorways
  • Reaching high things

How to play

The first team to collect 20 points (or the team with the highest number of points) wins! Split into 2 teams or 2 opposing players and shuffle the set. For each correct answer, the team receives 1 point. Take turns asking the opposing team a question. For beginners, use the easy game option, and for those who are more experienced, we suggest the medium or hard version of the game.

DIFFICULT LEVEL: Just ask a question, not reading out the answers
INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: Ask a question and read out all 4 possible answers
EASY LEVEL: Ask a question with only 50:50 options (the correct answer is colored in full, another suggested answer is indicated only by a colored number in front of it)

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