Gender Reveal Balloon – Boy or Girl?


Balloon with confetti and decorations for a surprising gender reveal.

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  • Product details
  • - a balloon with a diameter of 90 cm,
    - blue confetti,
    - pink confetti,
    - 2 x pink tassels,
    - 2 x blue tassels,
    - fringe length 20 cm and 6 cm,
    - cords 1 m long.
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Gender Reveal Balloon – Boy or Girl?

Most trendy way to reveal the sex of the baby.


Gender reveal balloon Boy or Girl – Ginger Ray, with which you reveal the gender of the upcoming little one! Let it be a very special moment, accompanied by a bang and plenty of confetti. In addition to the balloon, the set also includes blue and pink confetti and tassels, which you arrange along the string of the balloon. The guests will not know what to expect until the bang. Will you fill the balloon with blue or pink confetti?

The balloon comes with pink and blue confetti – choose which color and pop it inside the balloon. Add the tassels in pink and blue around the string so the reveal remains a surprise until the pop!


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