Gift set – Gold Edition Cinnamon & Rock Crystal


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  • - semi-precious stone clear quartz (the appearance and size of the stone may differ from the photo)
    - the package also includes incense with the scent of cinnamon, pine and orange (12 sticks) and an incense holder
    - gift packaging size 12.5x5cm
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Gift set – Gold Edition Cinnamon & Rock Crystal


Do you believe in the power of crystals?

Gift set – Gold Edition Cinnamon & Rock Crystal includes semi-precious stone Rock crystal/Clear quartz and scented sticks with the scent of cinnamon, pine and orange and the scent holder in which you insert the stick. The set is packed in a gift box with an inscription in English. The inscription on the box reads: “Cherish these precious moments with the ones you love most of all. Enjoy the smell of Cinnamon, Pine and Orange. Open your heart and feel happy with this Rock Crystal.”

The gift set contains 1 crystal, 12 incense sticks with the scent of cinnamon, pine and orange and 1 stone scent holder for incense sticks. The size of the gift box is 12.5×5 cm.


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About the importance of semi-precious stones

Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by precious and semi-precious stones, attributing supernatural abilities and healing powers to them. Did you know that Rock Crystal is a type of clear quartz? Many stories from history are related to the origin of clear quartz. In ancient Greece, they believed that these were the tears of a deity. Some believe that quartz is eternal ice that never melts. According to one of the oldest legends, the Rock Crystal is sacred water frozen by the gods. Indians, however, believed that the souls of honest and wise people turn into eternal crystals after death.

Rock Crystal or Clear Quartz is an activation crystal. It balances energy, keeps us up to date, and helps us make our wishes come true. It is the crystal of all crystals and it’s known for its healing power, but it also enhances the power of other crystals.


About the importance of cinnamon incense

Cinnamon was valued in ancient cultures as a healing herb that protects against negative energy and strengthens spirituality. Kirajians believe that it improves the physical and mental condition of a person. Otherwise, the use of cinnamon incense helps attract luck, reduces stress and improves mood, promotes better sleep, and helps improve relationships and communication.


About Rockstyle

The company has been delighting customers with the most beautiful and special gifts for more than 7 years. They offer a range of gifts with semi-precious stones that fascinate us and make a nice birthday gift, wedding gift for the newlyweds, gifts as an encouragement or simply a gift for ourselves. They are aware of the importance of the visual aspect, which is why all their products are made to the smallest detail. Because it amuses us and draws the most beautiful smiles. The company is run by two friends, Eline, who exchanged her work as a military lawyer in the Royal Dutch Army for an independent entrepreneurial journey with her friend Linda. Linda started her career as a florist and photographer. And now they have their own company in the Netherlands with the most beautiful gifts for all important moments or for those when we need a little extra strength. In their words: “Gifts that Rock!”.

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