JUS print A4 – Mug Jugokeramika


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Obvesti me, ko bo izdelek spet na zalogi.

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JUS print A4 – Mug Jugokeramika

A collection of prints for all Yugonostalgics.

A mug from which adults drank coffee or tea, and children Benko cocoa or chicory. It is a well-known piece from the times of the former Yugoslavia. A time when a cup of coffee had a completely different meaning. From the times when we went to visit for coffee. JUS print A4 – Mug Jugokeramika is the right gift for all lovers of Jugonostalgia.

The size of the print is A4.

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More about the JUS project

The JUS project presents a series of graphics on the subject of Yugoslav cult technical products in the period between the 1950s and 1990s.

Outstanding achievements in the field of design and technology are part of the forgotten cultural heritage of the former Yugoslavia. It is about modernist architecture, products of interesting quality and design sensibly placed in the time and space of that time. Original, accessible and useful products were created as a result of domestic know-how. They were mainly intended for the majority population, i.e. i. the working class.

JUS is an art project that we named after the well-known abbreviation for the Yugoslav standard. Our idea is to get to know young authors, engineers, designers and the entire public with the JUS project, with a unique attitude towards creation. At that time, the attitude towards creation, design and production was actually advanced and modern.

In an original and graphically sophisticated way, JUS represents the achievements of our half-past technical heritage, which marked the period of our childhood and growing up. Few of our generation do not remember Gorenje refrigerators, Tomos motorcycles, Bagat sewing machines, not to mention the legendary Fiček.


More about the authors of the JUS project

The authors of the entire idea and JUS illustrations are Darko and Marko Miladinović. The Miladinović brothers, who have been working in the field of visual communications, design and creation of new brands for more than 25 years, have combined their knowledge and love for retro design solutions from the time of socialist Yugoslavia, this time in the JUS project. Researching the forgotten and often discarded documentation of cult products and later illustrating selected items can only be driven by a great passion for design and retro-chic culture.

You can read more about the JUS project here.