Lepa Afna – Sticky notes block


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  • - more than 450 stickers
    - a combination of illustrations and inscriptions in the Slovenian language.
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Lepa Afna – Sticky notes block

More than 400 colorful stickers!

In Lepa afna – Sticky notes block you can find as many as 450 colorful stickers. Stickers with fun descriptions, homework reminders and cute illustrations are part of the Lepa Afna school collection. Planning has never been so much fun! You can use them to decorate your planner, so that these colorful stickers remind you of important events, so that you don’t forget your obligations or remember your friend’s birthday. You can decorate your notebooks with colorful stickers for a little extra motivation or use them to decorate the most beautiful gifts.

You will receive 450 stickers in the Slovenian language in the package. The dimensions of the block are 10.5 x 15 cm.


About Lepa Afna

Lea, better known as Lepa Afna, is certainly one of the most successful Slovenian influencers. Lea is a smiling, colorful, positive girl who impresses both younger and older generations of girls with her charisma. She is one of the first Slovenian vloggers who, with dedication, hard work and persistence, has become one of the most successful vloggers in our country. Every project he undertakes, be it the fashion or beauty industry, is carried out professionally and with dedication. Even her school collections reflect her vibe. They are full of colors, positive and inspiring thoughts. Through its messages and products, Lepa Afna wants to encourage individuals to use their potential, shine in all their beauty and, above all, dare to be exactly who they are. Sometimes also a little affronted, but above all, hearty and sincere.

She is aware that in the eyes of many teenage girls she is a role model, which is why she thinks it is important to be honest with her followers. To also show imperfections and talk about topics that are too often taboo.