Necklace Timi – Calm


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  • - stainless steel chain (chain length from 38 - 44 cm)
    - crystal: Aquamarine (the crystal is real, so it varies in purity, size and shape)
    - packed in a gift box with gold print (dim. 7 x 12.5 cm)
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Necklace Timi – Calm

Necklace with an added Aquamarine crystal.

Necklace Timi – Calm is part of the Timi of Sweden collection. The chain in gold color is decorated with Aquamarine crystal. Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by precious and semi-precious stones, attributing supernatural abilities and healing powers to them. Did you know that the Aquamarine crystal is considered a calming stone? It inspires truth and trust. It was once believed to be owned by mermaids and to protect anyone traveling in, near or on the water. You can read more about its positive effects below. The Timi necklace can be a wonderful gift for all the very special ladies in your life. It’s a great daily reminder and motivator.

The chain is made of stainless steel with an added Aquamarine crystal pendant. It is packed on a gift card with a golden print. The inscription on the card reads: “AQUAMARINE. Stone of calm”. The chain is adjustable in length (chain length from 38 – 44 cm).

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More about the Aquamarine crystal

Aquamarine has a beautiful blue-green color. In history, its meaning was mainly associated with prophets. Today, Aquamarine is considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness. Its connection with the seas is still known today, so it is still considered the protector of all travelers by sea. Aquamarine is a stone of purification. It helps us to overcome public speaking stage fright. It is also called the crystal of love, as it encourages sincere communication and the expression of emotions, while at the same time harmonizing energies between partners and deepening intimacy. It is a crystal of courage that helps us complete the projects/plans we have started.


About Timi of Sweden

The founder of the company says that Timi jewelry is created by a group of happy people. Each piece is crafted to put a smile on our face. Part of the company operates in Sweden and part in the Philippines. Tifanny says that at Timi’s, they make sure that everything they do leaves a little bit of happiness. Each product is of good quality and helps create a positive impact on our world. Timi jewelry is handcrafted and designed to create happiness in everyday life.

Caring for people is their basic guideline, which is why they have created a safe, spacious and pleasant working environment for all their employees. They want to provide employees with a working environment in which they are proud of their work, they want their work to be satisfying and comfortable. They also provide free meals for all employees. In everything they do, they want to leave the world a little happier.

They place special emphasis on the influence of women. They are very proud to be a woman-led company. In both the creative office in Sweden and the factory in the Philippines, the majority of employees are women.

If they also impressed you, you can read more about Timi here.