Photo Album – Moments That Matter


Coffee table photo album

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Obvesti me, ko bo izdelek spet na zalogi.

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  • - width: 14,3 cm
    - height: 20,5 cm
    - depth: 3,9 cm
    - 40 sheets (13 x 20 cm)
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Photo Album – Memories

Taking the time to flip through the album of developed photos has more charm in today’s digital age than ever before.


Photo Album – Moments That Matter is a part of the designer collection of coffee table albums designed to be kept on a coffee table in the living room or on a shelf. Why? So that you can take them in your hands as many times as possible and bring back pleasant memories. How many times do we really go through the hundreds of photos we have on our phone or computer? We believe that developed photos still have their charm. They are eternal and incredibly precious. A photo album simply cannot be missing from your home.


The desire of the Printworks company was to design aesthetic and functional products that are so beautiful that we will not hide them in the closets, but will be a decorative element of our home even when they are not in use. In the digital times in which we live, they want to encourage us to disconnect from all devices as often as possible and prefer to return to the old way of spending time with each other. Most of their products have the purpose of bringing people together. Just like we used to hang out. Feel nostalgic playing board games or reminiscing with photos. Because it’s best to spend time with those we love the most.


A unique design where the hardcovers are also part of the packaging. When you open the cover, there are 40 sheets hidden inside in an off-white color, on which you can write anything you want. The sheets measure 13 x 20 cm. Photos are glued into the album (can be with double-sided adhesive tape, photo stickers, or washi tapes).


The dimensions of the album are 20.5 x 14 x 4 cm. We can insert 1 photo measuring 10 x 15 cm on each page. The real finishing touch is the aesthetically perfect embossed print on the cover.

An album can be a nice gift for a birthday, a wedding, birthday or just to show someone how much you appreciate them. Choose from many designs here.