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Reusable cotton rounds LastObject – LastRound PRO


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  • Product details
  • - pack contains 7 pads and a case
    - rinse the rounds with water or machine wash them at 60 °C in a laundry bag
    - up to 1750 uses
    - the case is made of recycled plastic material: North American coniferous wood pulp, short cotton fibres not suitable for the textile industry
    - weight: 21 g
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Reusable cotton rounds LastObject – LastRound PRO

Reusable pads as a sustainable alternative to disposable pads.


Reusable cotton rounds LastObject – LastRound PRO are a sustainable alternative to makeup and nail-polish remover pads. They are completely black and do not get dirty or discolored. They are made of a material that feels the same as cotton pads when in contact with water. Each Last Round pad can be used up to 1,750 times and thus help reduce environmental pollution. They are packed in a case made of recycled plastic.

The package contains 7 pads and a case to put them in. After use, the pads can be washed with water or washed in the washing machine (in a laundry bag) at 60°C. You can use each cotton round up to 1750 times. Think how many disposable cotton balls you have saved the environment with. The case is made of recycled plastic, and the pads are biodegradable. They are made from the wood pulp of North American conifers and short cotton fibers unsuitable for the textile industry. The weight of each package is 21g.

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Why LastObject?

LastObject was created to replace disposable products with products that can be used over and over again. The creators of LastObject offer a sustainable selection of cosmetic products on the market and in this way fight the climate crisis. They want plastic-free oceans and direct all their activities to ensure that as few products as possible end up in the seas. They know that every step counts and encourage people around the world not to use single-use cotton swabs and cotton balls. Their products are sustainable from start to finish – they work on the “cradle to grave” principle. They believe that every step towards a more sustainable life counts, no matter how small it may seem. On their way, they want to create a fantastic working environment for their employees and give them excellent work opportunities. LastObject boasts B Corp certification, which means they meet high standards of performance, accountability, and transparency regarding factors related to employees, supply chains, materials, and charitable giving.

It is a company with a great mission and dedication. You can read more about it here.